Parking Aids / Parking Gadgets Reviews: The Park Ranger®

"Using the philosophy of “simple is best”, the Park Ranger may be mounted with a nail, magnet, adhesive strip, or simply placed on a shelf. It requires two people to install (one sitting in the driver’s seat and one to actually position and mount the device), but needs no batteries or maintenance. Made of ABS resin for durability, the Park Ranger uses two lines to create a line-of-sight navigation tool. Simply drive the car in and line up the lines to park perfectly every time.

What owners love the most about this parking assistant is its simplicity. Once installed, it will give the same results every time. It’s completely non-intrusive and requires no power or maintenance, making it a great choice for busy homes.  The flaws with this product tend to be unavoidable. It cannot help you center your car, and the line-of-sight assumes you will always have the same height driver and the seat in the same position. These issues are less problematic for cars with only one driver."   Top 5 Garage Parking Aids for the Perfect Park Job in 2018" - Garage Tool Advisor


"This is a fantastic product.  Simple, uncomplicated, and does what it needs to do.  No batteries, no complicated setup, nothing to break or replace down the road.  The customer service was stellar!  Thank you from Canada"  Sonja  🇨🇦


"Simple, genius invention. Hang it in your garage wall and forget it. My wife who is horrible at gauging distance parks perfectly now. Now there's enough clearance at the front of our vehicles that we don't have to walk all the way around the back of the cars to get around the garage. And don't work about the size. It's small and none intrusive. You won't notice it, but it'll be there each and every time you need it. Wish I would've invented this."   Amazon review

"Fantastic idea. Works great. No more tennis balls!!"   Amazon review

"So obvious and simple, but that is what is so ingenuous about this. I have been using it for a week so far, and it lets me part perfectly every time. I have tried rubber stoppers, lasers, and range sensors. Rubber stoppers are great to trip over, and all the rest require complex set up with plugs and power cables. You simply mount this on the wall in the right location, and watch it out of the driver side window as you pull in. Once the lines line up, you are parked in the right spot.  At the price, you should give it a try if you are looking for a parking assistant system in your garage."   Amazon review

"It's just a little piece of sturdy plastic but the concept borders on genius!" Amazon review

"So obvious and simple, but that is what is so ingenuous about this.  I have been using it for a week so far and it lets me park perfectly every time"   Amazon review

"Fantastic idea. Works great. No more tennis balls!!"   Amazon review

"Low tech way to garage park your car -- very accurate. But, if you share your vehicle with your spouse or other drivers and they have to adjust the vehicle's seat forward or back, then you may have to purchase extra sets for the other drivers. For me, we have a 2 car garage, with these parking gauges mounted for each car. No problems! Hopes this helps with your purchasing decisions."   Amazon review

"These are GREAT! Both my husband and I love them.  They take all the guesswork out of pulling into our garage."   Amazon review

"Best Parking aid purchase and even better price!  Simple and easy and don’t have to get sensors to tell you if you’ve gone too far. Genius!!"   Amazon review

"This is really quite slick. It is easier to use than I expected."   Amazon review

"This simple device just works. No wires or ladders needed. Simplicity is always best!  I just ordered a second one for our 2nd car."   Amazon review