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Yankee Beer News: February/March 1997

Easy Monitoring of Wort Temperature with the Fermometer

The Fermometer, Tkach Enterprises, POB 344, Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-660-2297, $1.50-$2.50

The Fermometer is a paper thin liquid crystal thermometer that attaches to the outside of a fermenter with a self-adhesive backing. Measuring 1" x 8", the Fermometer has a temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit measured in two-degree increments. Tan, blue and green colors highlight the current temperature. Depending on the color changes between each liquid crystal, temperature increments of one degree can be determined. Suggested fermentation temperature ranges for lagers and ales are also printed on the strip.

The Fermometer is water resistant, so it can be left on the fermenter during cleaning. Steve Tkach, developer of the Fermometer, designed the device to monitor wort temperatures for yeast pitching and during fermentation. The Fermometer also eliminates the risk of contamination from using a traditional immersion thermometer.

Homebrewing Corner - By Gregg Glaser, Yankee Brew News Staff

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As we are all aware, temperature always affects our moods. Likewise, it is no surprise that the mood of one of our dearest expressions of creativeness, homebrew, is linked to temperature. Alas, there is now available the Fermometer, a mood ring for your wort. The Fermometer is an economical alternative to the traditional immersion thermometer during the fermentation stage. It is a flexible liquid crystal thermometer designed to stick to the outside of the fermentation vessel with a self adhesive backing.

The Fermometer provides continual monitoring to signal the time for pitching and is a tireless sentry of temperature during fermentation. This eliminates the sanitation blues and the threat of contamination associated with the more traditional immersion thermometer. It also eliminates the nagging question, "Is it time to pitch yeast yet?", and sends packing the faith brewers who must do a laying of hands on the wort.

The temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees F is in two degree increments. Color changes ingeniously designed into the liquid crystal allow actual one-degree increment readings. It also displays range bars for suggested fermentation temperatures of lagers and ales.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $3.50. This makes the Fermometer an economical and fun way to prevent off-flavors and reduce the risk of contamination - a definite mood enhancer. The Fermometer is available at homebrew supply shops. For more information write Tkach Enterprises, P.O. Box 344, Castle Rock, CO 80104, or call 303-660-2297.

Reviewed by Ross Libenson, a brewphile

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